Shipping & Returns


Next day shipping is included with all of our products. We ship Monday-Thursday; all Friday orders will be shipped the next Monday. All orders must be received before 12pm EST or it will be processed the following business day. Saturday and Sunday delivery is not available.

Billing Policy

Please note that Atland Pharmaceuticals will be the vendor listed on credit card statements and invoices after an order is placed.

Returns Policy


  • Product from customers who have purchased the products from an authorized wholesaler that is eligible for return according to the wholesaler’s contract terms and this return policy and is within six (6) months of the expiration date or up to twelve (12) months after the expiration date.
  • Product in its original container/package, with label intact and fully readable NDC number, lot number, and expiration date and purchased from an authorized wholesaler that is eligible for return according to the wholesaler’s contract terms.
  • Partial packages will be accepted only from customers who ordered from an authorized wholesaler where such wholesaler’s contract terms expressly state partial packages are eligible for return notwithstanding any conflicting return policy by the manufacturer.
  • Product that was received in error or damaged in shipping if reported within three (3) business days and returned within fifteen (15) days.


  • Product from customers who purchased directly through Galt Pharmaceuticals or Atland Pharmaceuticals via Galt Direct are sold on a non-returnable, non-refundable basis and are not eligible for return.
  • Products with lot numbers or expiration date missing, covered, removed, or unreadable.
  • Product damaged by improper storage, improper handling, or insurable causes, such as fire or natural disaster, while in customer’s possession.
  • Product obtained illegally or purchased through an unauthorized wholesaler or alternative source.
  • Product sold on a non-returnable basis, such as short-dated sales.
  • Product containing a pharmacy label or that has been dispensed to a patient.
  • Product returned without approved authorization from Galt Pharmaceuticals or Atland Pharmaceuticals.
  • Partials and product that is not sealed in original container. Once a product has been opened and the seal is broken, it cannot be returned.
  • Product that is more than twelve (12) months past the expiration date.
  • Product that is received more than fifteen (15) days from the date of the return authorization.


  1. Contact Galt Help Desk in writing within three (3) business days of product receipt by sending an email to to request a Return Authorization.
  2. Complete and return the electronic Return Authorization form with required documentation within fifteen (15) days of receipt.
  3. Once approved by Galt Pharmaceuticals or Atland Pharmaceutical’s Quality Assurance Team, a call tag will be issued.
  4. Once Proof of Destruction or returned product is received, as applicable, a credit memo will be issued. No cash returns will be issued for any reason. Credits will be issued based upon the original invoice price less any discounts and fees.


Returns from customers who purchased from an authorized wholesaler can be returned via a third party returns processor. Debit memos must include the following:

  • Wholesaler name, address, and DEA number
  • Customer name, address, and DEA number
  • Name of product, NDC, quantity, lot number, expiration date
  • Reason for return
  • Debit memo number
  • Requested return value


  • Any product that is returned without a Return Authorization is subject to being destroyed without recourse and no credit will be issued.
  • Failure to follow return instructions will result in no credit being issued for the return.
  • Return Authorizations expire fifteen (15) days after issue date.
  • For questions regarding this policy, please contact Galt Direct at 855-965-2783 or
  • This Return Policy may be modified at any time in Galt Direct’s sole discretion or adapted as may be required from time to time to comply with applicable federal, state, or local laws pertaining to returned pharmaceutical products.